Friday, October 21, 2016

Storm Warning

I don't know who is going to get the most votes on November 8.  There is a part of me that doesn't care, because I think, either way, we are in for some rough times.

If Clinton becomes president, I expect we will get into some kind of conflict with Russia.  The current regime seems intent on poking and provoking Putin.  Clinton has said she will challenge the Bear further.  Why do something so utter senseless over a rathole like Syria and Assad?  Perhaps the globalists see an opportunity to evade the massive financial collapse by instigating a large-scale conflict.  The Obama/Clinton administration is a globalist puppet-regime.

If Trump should beat the odds and prevail, I would not be surprised to see a financial collapse take place within the first fews months or weeks of 2017.  Yeah, I know, I've been predicting a financial disaster since 2010, but I could not begin to comprehend the ability of the various central banks to collude in the can-kicking.

We are, I think, rapidly approaching the point when a crisis becomes impossible to avoid.  Just think about $20 trillion of debt -- with nothing to show for it.

War tends to obscure a merely financial disaster.  Or, Trump becomes the perfect scapegoat on whom the globalists can pin their failures.  

I am going to stockpile a little more food in the next few weeks, and do some minor work on some of my equipment.  I am also figuring on picking up a few cows come spring.  I don't want to have to deal with anything this winter.

Maybe I'll be wrong again.  I kind of hope I am.  I won't feel too bad.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Back from Outer Space

A lot of things have been going on.  I was on the winning team for the jalapeno-eating contest at Bikes, Blues, and BBQ this year.  I ate ten pickled jalapenos in 60 seconds, then ate 4 or 5 more for $20 donations to charity.  They aren't that hot, and I suffered no ill after-effects.  It did burn just a little doing #1 for about a day, but it was well worth the pain.

I didn't watch the debate or whatever that was that happened Sunday night.  It doesn't matter if Trump wins or loses.  He is our WMD to destroy the corrupt, Orwellian UniParty.  If you ever thought that the Republican establishment genuinely opposes the Democrat Party, you should now be freed from that illusion by the reactions of people like Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan, and John Kasich.

I don't know if Trump is a Christian or not.  I am pretty sure neither Clinton is Christian in anything other than a cultural sense.  Obama may believe in Jesus or not, but he is a cultural Muslim.  What I do know is that Trump is not a choirboy.  He has been married three times and almost certainly cheated on his first two wives.

Those of you old enough to recall the '90s may also recall everyone on the left defending Bill Clinton's antics as being just about sex.  He was privately immoral but but a moral man when it came to public policy.  That is to say, that Clinton felt it was important to force American citizens to do what he thinks is right even if it costs us a lot of money.  Hillary Clinton is the same.

Maybe Trump is, too.  Except Trump is not going to take away my guns or appoint new liberal justices to the Supreme court or open our borders to unlimited, unrestricted immigration from third-world countries or deliberately start a war with Russia.

Given the fact that everybody in politics in a low-life hypocrite, I might as well vote for the one that will do the least amount of damage to my liberty and culture.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Speaking of Being Hated by All the Right People

The first thing I saw this morning was that George H. W. Bush plans to vote for Clinton.  I suppose that is meant to be discouraging, but I noted John's comment on the previous post and realized why I was not terribly bothered.  I mean, after all, she is the next best thing to Jeb.

I try not to be anti-elite or anti-science, but it is getting harder.  Most of these people are really not that smart.  They have connections.  They speak well.  They have, through their connections, accumulated a lot of money, but, as Reagan once said, so much of what these people know is wrong.

I do worry about those Trump voters who think Cheeto-man is some kind of savior, and his election will usher in a newer, sleeker version of the 1950s.  They are mostly good people, and they, like me, are hated by the elites who have decided that the voters do not know what is good for them.

And that is what irritates me.  I do not care if a bureaucrat or an elected lawyer in Washington doesn't like what my neighbor does or what I do.  It is none of his or her business.  I don't care what the people in San Francisco, Chicago or New York think or do as long as they don't bother me.  I have no idea what it is like to live in those rat-infested hellholes, and I don't want to find out.  I would not presume to tell them how to live, and they should not presume to tell me.

They have no idea what it is like to live out here in the boonies.  They cannot imagine based on a trip through some tourist attractions.  I have a pretty good idea of what I don't know, which is a lot, and I am more than happy to stick to what I do know.  That's why I am a small 'l' libertarian.  Outside of family and close friends, no one knows what is best for an individual -- certainly not some government expert.

Now, old GWHB has every right to vote for Hillary Clinton and to be best buds with Slick Willy.  He even has a right to let that be known.  I am glad he did because the GOP that he represents needs to die.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

I Am Deplorable

  • I am deplorable because I believe people have a right to their own property, to use it, and abuse it as they see fit.
  • I am deplorable because I believe the Constitution restrains the government, not individuals.
  • I am deplorable because I believe when the Declaration said, “all men are created equal”, it means before God and before the law. 
  • I am deplorable because I do not believe all cultures or all religions are of equal value.
  • I am deplorable because I agree with the Apostle Paul who said, “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10).
  • I am deplorable because I believe I did build this.
  • I am deplorable because I believe government is both necessary to some extent yet parasitic and, thus, must be carefully limited so as not to destroy the host.
  • I am deplorable because I believe a 20 trillion dollar debt means we have not balanced the budget.
  • I am deplorable because I believe law enforcement should have to obtain warrants to monitor any level of private communication and that property seizures should not occur without due process.
  • I am deplorable because I believe the greatest threat to freedom is government.
  • I am deplorable because I am a nationalist not a globalist.
  • I am deplorable because I think refugees are mostly invaders and colonizers.
  • I am deplorable because I think people like me have a right to our own cultures, identities, communities, and nations.
  • I am deplorable because I believe in the rule of law.
  • I am deplorable because I do not believe those living inside the Beltway are a law unto themselves.
  • I am deplorable because I am tired of paying for the armed security of people who wish to disarm me.

I could go on and on.  I accept the fact that I am deplorable to people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Will, and Jeb Bush.  The truth is that it makes me smirk just a little, just as I do when Obama says that I’m angry because I’m stressed or calls me a racist or a homophobe or an islamophobe or accuses me of being “lazy”

I did more work before I was ten years old than Obama, Clinton or any of the rest did in their entire lives.  

 What do I ask for in return for all the work I have done throughout my life?

This only:  to be left alone with what I have and, most of all, with the God, family, and friends that I love.  

I know, it's deplorable.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tear the Labels Off Your Cans

Some kind of religious group -- possibly Islamic -- thinks Oswego, NY, is encouraging hatred toward Muslims by a word on a monument.

Their monument says the Islamic terrorists carried out the 9/11/2001 attacks on the United States, and memorializes those first responders who sacrificed their lives for the sake of others.

I'm a simple guy, and this complaint raises questions.  On December 29, 1890, elements of the United States Seventh Cavalry surrounded an encampment of Sioux Indians at a place called Wounded Knee.  Through misunderstandng, fear, ignorance and/or hatred, between 150 and 300 of the Sioux, mostly women and children, were killed, along with 25 white soldiers.  Should the memorials to Wounded Knee not mention the specifics of who was involved in that massacre?

The Catholic Church had a lot of bad press because of a number of Catholic priests who took advantage of their positions and molested children.  Should we not say those were Catholic priests?  Should we call them confirmed bachelors who serve wine and bread?

My opinion is that those pedophiles be identified with the priesthood and the Catholic Church, not because I think all Christians or all Catholics or all priests are perverts, but because Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular bears some blame for those evil actions.  It is  a call for us to be aware and on guard against such evil.  It is our responsibility to denounce it and make sure it never happens again.

The same is true of the atrocity carried out by U.S. government troops at Wounded Knee.  We take responsibility and do our best to prevent such events from ever occurring again.

Not Islam, though.  Islam wants to deny that Muslims who commit horrific acts of violence are really Muslims.  I understand.  I don't think a pedophile priest is a Christian.  I don't think he really grasps what his so-called faith is supposed to do.  But I do accept that he claimed to be a Christian, and I do know that, regardless of his standing in the Church or even before God, what he did was wicked and sinful.

As a Christian and an American, I am never going to suggest that history be whitewashed to avoid offending me.  The facts are the facts.  The men who got on board those planes were Muslims.  I recognize that some in Islam will say they were not "good" Muslims, that they were perverting their faith, or that they couldn't have been true Muslims at all.

Yet, strangely enough, people who identify as Muslim continue to commit vile and despicable acts on a regular, if not daily basis, around the world.

Like an addict, Islam cannot fix its problem until it admits it has a problem, until it faces up to the fact that, as a religion, it is mainly a political system, that it is rife with corrupted beliefs and harboring within its pale a blood-thirsty cult of those who would happily extend Islam and its call for submission by any means including violence and terror.  This cult is, effectively, a criminal enterprise.

Muslims have to face that cult.  Muslims have to confront that mind-set.  And Muslims have to fix it.  Until they do, we are not going to be able to get along.  

Monday, August 29, 2016

I Am Already Tired of Colin Kaepernik

So an over-privileged individual who plays a kids' game for a living won't stand for the National Anthem.  He thinks black people are oppressed in America.  Certainly black people still have some legitimate complaints about their status in society, mainly due to 90% of them voting Democrat every time there is an election.

Kaepernik is the biological son of a black father who abandoned Kaepernik's white mother as soon as he found out she was pregnant.  The child was then adopted by a white couple and raised in middle-class conditions.  Being a gifted high school athlete, Kaepernik went to college, where he was successful enough that he was drafted into the NFL.  He has, through talent and hard work, done quite well, having signed an extremely lucrative contract with the 49ers.

Everything Kaepernik knows about the black experience in America he learned from watching the remake of "Roots".

But the man is an American citizen, and, paradoxically, as such, he has every right to sit on his ass when "The Star-Spangled Banner" is played.

What matters about his life is what he does on the football field.  That's all that matters.  His opinions and protests are worthless, pointless, and hypocritical.  It is a waste of my time to suggest that demeaning him is a waste of time.  He is of so little actual value that we might as well criticize a pig for failing to stand for the Anthem.

This is our problem in America today.  We allow ourselves to be led and influenced, bullied and herded by those who do not matter.  Celebrities, athletes, politicians, and various media-labeled "experts" give their opinions, and we are expected to cower and try to appease our "betters".

Sorry, I can't work up the emotion to get angry at ungrateful, ungracious louts like Kaepernik.  He can keep his job.  I am not going to watch him play, buy his jerseys, shoes, or whatever else.  He just doesn't matter at all.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Reviews and Ramblings

So, now that Hillary has exposed the awful darkness that is the Alt-Right, I am willing to confess that I have been reading a lot of Alt--Right stuff over the last year or so.  It's nice to know that there are people -- especially younger people -- out there who agree with me, or are nearly as warped and twisted as I am.  I'm not sure "We. Don't. Care." is going to replace "Don't Tread On Me" or "Molon Labe", but it does sum up a lot about how I feel.

Since it's confession time, Vox Popoli is pretty much a daily stop for me.  This has led me to some interesting reading, e.g., The Missionaries.  This is an entertaining send-up of the bureaucratic do-gooder with the tabula rasa outlook.  A reader will get no great insights, the characters are mostly one-dimensional, but it is at times, rather funny and reinforces what we already know about the nanny state.

Another book that I bought on Vox's recommendation is Brings the Lightning by Peter Grant.  I am well into the first section of the book.  I'm going to finish it.  Mr. Grant is competent, but he is not Louis L'Amour.  Grant is good on the technical details of weaponry, and I'm sure there is going to be plenty of action later on.  The writer's greatest strength so far is also his weakness.  He wants his hero to be fully equipped, like Batman's utility belt from the old '60s TV show.  There's a hint of MarySue-ness in the early going.  I hope it will get better.  If it doesn't get better soon, I will withdraw my recommendation.  For now, my thumb is in the horizontal position.

The next one is two thumbs up -- Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia is easily the best fantasy novel I have read in a long, long time.  I love Gene Wolfe's New Sun books, but, honestly, they can be a bit of a slog with his derived vocabulary.  Correia is not as literary as Wolfe, but this series looks to be considerably less pulpy than, say, David Gemmell's Legend.  I have a number of Gemmell's books, most of which I have read at least a couple of times.  They are like Howard's Conan works -- pulp fiction -- great pulp fiction, but not in the same arena with Tolkien.  It's like kids and grandkids, I love them all -- just in different ways.

I had planned to review the book on the Benghazi debacle, 13 Hours, but it's not fair to blurb it.  So maybe I'll do a full review next week.  It's a well-balanced, non-politically motivated, objective write-up of what led to the disaster.  What I'll tell you is that if you read The Missionaries, you will not be surprised by what happened at Benghazi the night of September 11, 2012.

The other thing I want to review is my Ruger AR 223.  I'm really having an on-again/off-again relationship with this little piece of crap rifle.  It's not the rifle's fault.  It's me.  I knew the first time I fired one of these 35 years ago that I didn't like it.  I've added a Leupold 1.5-4x scope.  For me, it's a niche firearm, but I have it, and I'm going to keep it.  I will complain and praise more later.

Have a good weekend.