Sunday, August 21, 2016

I Am So Racist

Well, it is really Mr. Derbyshire, but he does kind of have a point:

Look: Next year is the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 black riots inDetroit,Newark, and, yes, Milwaukee. 
Fifty years—two entire human generations—andstill they riot. Fifty years of fretting and fussing, of nagging and shaming, of affirmative action and contracting set-asides; fifty years of jobs programs, food programs, billion-dollar overhauls of school systems. Fifty years of pushing role models, black doctors and detectives in movies and TV, black athletes as culture heroes, black actors playing God.Fifty years of Martin Luther King Day s, Black History Months, and Kwanzaas. Fifty years of black mayors, black police chiefs, black Attorneys General, a black President…And still they riot. 
Wouldn’t prudence suggest that we hold off on importing more diversity until we’ve made some progress in getting blacks to stop rioting? 
I guess Prudence doesn’t live here any more. (Links in original)
 I guess not.

But that isn't the really racist part.  This is:
My answer: Different races—different local varieties of Homo sap., that have followed different paths through evolutionary space for many, many generations, end up with different distributions on most heritable traits. That includes traits of intelligence, behavior, and personality. 
So in a multiracial society that rewards certain traits and penalizes others, different races will precipitate out, average-average, at different social levels. American blacks, for example, with low average IQ, low average impulse control, and high average inclinations to antisocial behavior, will tend to pool at the bottom of society, in slums and prisons and criminal gangs. 
The blacks thus pooled, being too dimwitted to understand anything about biology or statistics, will attribute their sorry plight to the malice of hostile agents. They’ll develop a lot of anger against those agents, the anger occasionally breaking out in riots.
Follow the link at the top and read the whole thing. It is sad that my country has come to this.  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Constitution Party

If you haven't done it already, there's a site where you can take a quiz about what you believe and support politically.  It popped up  on fakebook yesterday, and I took it.  I came closest to Darrell Castle, candidate of the Constitution Party.

You can see my results at the second link.  State sovereignty issues and an end to "foreign entanglements" are some of the points that push me up to over 80% agreement with Castle.  The Constitution Party is the Libertarian Party without the reefer and dead babies, but then I agree with Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, on more than three-fourths of the issues -- the same as with Trump.  I even have some agreement with Jill Stein of the Green Party on foreign policy.  I apparently agree with Clinton on a few minor issues.  I suppose a stopped clock is right twice a day.

The best thing that could happen to the States, and probably to the world, would be for a meteor to destroy Washington, D.C. and it's bureaucratic elite during next year's State of the Union address.  It couldn't be too a big meteor.  We don't want it to get out to where John lives.

Anyway, if you want to vote out of habit, like I'll probably do, you can find out which candidate best represents your point of view, and vote, as they say, your conscience.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Furry Not-So MREs

Venezuelans are eating pets and pigeons.

I would not be surprised to see the same thing in the States in the not-too-distant future.  Venezuela was flush with oil money which its tyrannical socialist government squandered through corruption and incompetence.

The last thirty years have pushed us closer and closer to the brink here, as well.  We have more parasites than producers.  The only way the producers win a national election is if the parasites are too lazy to go vote for a living.

On the bright side, the rat problem in NYC will be resolved, and the goose poop in the parks will be thinned down some.

The continued destruction of the middle-class is assured if Clinton is elected, likely even in the event Trump prevails.

If it does go down that way here, I hope they keep it in the cities or wait until I'm dead.  I really don't want to have to kill people who do stupid things because they are stupid and hungry on top of it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

0 Days Since Last Islamic Terror Attack

At a church in Normandy during Mass, hostages are taken at knife-point, and a priest was ritually beheaded.

I wonder who could have carried out since a barbaric act of blasphemous violence? 

More blood on the hands of the invader-hugging Pope and the self-serving politicians of the EU.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Somehow It Is the NRA's Fault

I don't feel like setting up the links now because they have been in the news.  We know that Germany has suffered three attacks by deranged Muslims, a couple of whom were refugees, in the last few days.  The first shooter was a German-born Iranian with a history of mental health issues.  He lured children into a McDonald's on the anniversary of Brevik's murderous rampage.  Though he would not have been able to obtain a firearm legally, he, nevertheless, managed to arm himself with a Glock 9mm that had no serial numbers. 

Did the fairly strict German gun laws manage to keep a homocidial maniac from acquiring a weapon?  Or did they merely disarm sane, law-abiding Germans? 

Those laws certainly made it easy and safe for the next attacker -- a Syrian refugee -- to carry out his attack.  He hacked a pregnant woman to death with a machete without fear of being shot by law-abiding German citizens.

Nor was the third attempted attack by a soon-to-be deported Syrian refugee foiled by gun laws.  He blew himself up after being refused entry to some event where he could have killed many others. 

Explosives, a machete, an illegal firearm from the underground, a madman does not fear statutes or the legal system, and his schemes are not hampered by the rhetoric of the political class. 

America is a very diverse nation.  We have a violent history.  We have lots and lots of guns. 

There are also 350 million of us.  That we have more "mass shootings" than Germany with its 80 million and France with its 64 million combined is hardly surprising.  That most of our "mass shootings" take place in the urban centers of Chicago, East St. Louis, Detroit, and Washington, D.C., is also not terribly surprising.  Take out the urban centers with their majority black populations, and America drops way down the list in terms of per capita homocides by firearms.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Toy

I understand there is some kind of national circus going on this week in Cleveland.  It would be difficult for me to care less. 

This is not going to be a review because I just haven't had time to do anything with it.  I have too many things going on. 

The AR-556 is the low-end Ruger -- runs around $700.  My nephew bought an AR-556 a few months ago.   He has put a scope on his.  I've shot it.  His trigger is horrible.  The trigger on mine is merely heavy.  I could probably learn to live with it.  Whether I will or not is another question. 

I need to go buy some bulk ammo and get used to the sights. 

The Ruger is a standard, modular design, so anything I can't stand can be replaced. 

I never thought I would get one of these.  At this point, I am not particularly happy or unhappy with it, except for the fact that the ruling class doesn't want me to have it at all.  In that regard, I do feel good. 

I am not going to hunt deer, turkey, or coyotes with it -- though I could.  I don't really have a purpose for it or even a niche, but it fits in the safe, and I have it.

They are fun to shoot.  So there is that.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Commonsense Muslim Control

My prayers are with the French citizens murdered on their national holiday.

It is true that these innocents were murdered by a religious fanatic, but they were also the victims of an open-borders policy by their government and the European Union.

There is not much else to say.  It is getting harder and harder to be shocked that Muslims commit horrific acts of violence.

At this point, the crucial issue for all western nations is immigration.  If you want your nation turned into a third-world dungheap, if you do not want a middle-class, if you want your country to be run by a corrupt oligarchy, if you want constant violence, loss of liberty, and an all-seeing surveillance state then you should be a champion of open borders and unrestricted immigration.

The rest of us believe that good fences do make good neighbors.  We believe that potential immigrants should be willing to assimilate rather than annihilate our existing culture. We are unwilling to be replaced at the whim of the ruling elite.